Farmed Salmon – One of The Most Toxic Foods in the World – CHere1st

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I posted an article about how GMO salmon has made its way to the market and the dangers of this genetically modified fish need to be thoroughly studied.

Well the most immediate threat to our health that we have verifiable data about is farmed raised salmon.

Here are few of the highlights of the detrimental health effects of farm raised salmon:

1) are fed pellets of chicken feces, corn meal, soy, genetically modified canola oil and other fish containing concentrations of toxins
2) have seven times the levels of PCB’s as wild salmon
3) have 30 times the slot online yang sering kasih jackpot number of sea lice
4) are fed toxic chemicals to give them color
5) are given antibiotics at higher levels than any other livestock
6) have less omega 3’s due to lack of wild diet
are susceptible to more disease

Oh and here is what the EPA said:

“EPA recommends that you not eat more than one meal of farmed salmon per month.”

Keep in mind when going to restaurants that if it doesn’t specifically say “Wild Caught” it is farm raised.

Be happy be healthy and question everything.

Farmed Salmon – One of The Most Toxic Foods in the World – CHere1st

Farmed Salmon – One of the Most Toxic Foods in the World…If you ask the Environmental slot gacor Protection Agency (EPA) which fish is the most toxic, they’ll say…


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