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I posted an article a while ago about farmed fish vs wild caught fish and how toxic farmed fish are due to the contaminants in their feed which include to many unknown constituents to list.

That being said I was at publix yesterday as they do have an ever increasing section of organic fruits and veggies and meat selections and i don’t feel like donating my entire paycheck to whole foods.

So in the fish section the salmon had a clear sign on it that said “color enhanced through feed” which translated means the feed contains astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin is sometimes made from pulverized crustaceans, algea or made naturally, however other manufacturers like to synthesize the compound using petrochemicals. Moreover you have no way of knowing if the farmed salmon was raised using natural astaxanthin or the synthesized version!

Keep in mind pigmenting supplements are the most expensive component of the farmed salmon diet and of course it’s boosts profitability as aesthetics vs nutritional content is what sells this farm raised garbage.

Once again if it says farm raised stay away as its it’s pure garbage.

Be happy be healthy and question everything!