A Microbiologist’s Journey Through the Gym

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A lot of you are going to the gym as part of your new years resolutions. That being said there is dirty little secret at the gym you should all be aware of, as this dirty little secret can and has become a big problem for those who go to the gym on a regular basis.

This problem is the biodiversity of the types of bacteria that flourish in the gym as the gym for some crazy reason is a notorious area for people to not practice hygiene as they normally would?

This article is long but a good read as one main point it highlights are that ellipticals and machines that require prolonged skin contact have the highest rates of bacterial growth on them so wipe down your machines before and and after every use…

Stay happy stay healthy and question everything!


A Microbiologist’s Journey Through the Gym

Gyms are gross. Aside from the sweaty bodies and abundant aromas gliding about the room, unique bacterial flora is deposited from gym goers on every surface. Microbiologists have proven time and ag…