The secret ingredient in fast food packaging

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It goes without saying that eating fast food is probably not a good idea. Have you thought about the packaging of these foods? Probably not but here is another reason to avoid fast food all together as the packaging of these foods are made with chemicals that keep the packaging oil and water resistant so the presentation of your meal is maintained to attempt to look like what you see in commercials.

Here is the gist of the article:

Chemicals used in the packaging of your fast food can leach into your food that you are consuming according to prior studies regarding this issue. These chemicals are linked to a myriad of health problems that can potentially ooccur.

That being said fast food packaging is another in a long list of concerns to be wary of the next time you order from a fast food joint.

Be happy be healthy and question everything!

The secret ingredient in fast food packaging

According to a report, researchers found fluorinated chemicals in one-third of the fast food packaging they tested.