Hey The Food Talk Fans So my …

Hey The Food Talk Fans

So my wife likes to take our twins on lunch play dates with her friends who have kids and from time to time she comes back and tells me that because our kids eat only eat off the adult menu and choose an item that includes a baked or grilled protein with greens of various types it makes some of her friends feel really self conscience about the food choices they give to their kids.

In fact she hears comments like “geez, you are such a nazi when it comes to their diet” or “let them be kids already”.

Well the truth is our kids actually pick these items off the menu themselves most of the time or if we pick food off the menu for them they never fuss and just eat what is served without hesitation.

So next time you go out to eat with your kids with friends who have kids and someone makes the comment of allowing your kids to eat badly take a minute to analyze what is being said to you and think about changing the paradigm as you can illicit others to make positive change just by staying true to reinforcing healthy habits for your kids.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy and never stop educating your kids!