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We are in Orlando currently preparing or actually now fully prepared to ride out Hurricane Irma at our home. We have seen a lot of posts and information on the news about what provisions to keep in case power goes out or you have to relocate to a shelter so we thought we would share pics of some of the provisions we have packed in case we have to relocate or if power goes out….just because a hurricane comes it doesn’t mean you still cant eat healthy!

Some of our favorite provisions include:
1) Canned tuna in water – low calorie high protein and easily portable
2) Canned wild salmon which is the same as canned tuna as it is high protein, low cal, and highly portable
3) Canned organic chicken which is high protein, low calorie and highly portable
4) Sprouted sunflower seeds which are high in protein, portable, low carb and good source of fiber
5) Beef Jerky and not just any beef jerky. Low sugar, no nitrates, no preservatives or artificial flavors.
6) Almonds
7) Organic soup, low sodium, no preservatives and can eaten right out of container if no heating source is available
8) Canned veggies in water
9) Fresh ground tubs of almond butter
10) High protein flat breads made with chia and flax seed which are high in protein and low carbs

These are a few of the provisions we have packed for us and the kids in case of power loss or we have to relocate quickly.

Stay safe for all of us in the path of hurricane Irma and remember u can always eat healthy no matter the situation!

More posts coming soon!


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